August 11, 2022

Are hookups healthy for young singles and couples

Everybody says sex is healthy. Is it also true regarding casual sex, or not? There are positive and negative answers to this question. So, let’s see which opinions of the experts prevail.

Statistically, young people are very passionate and sex driven. Their hormones are produced in bigger quantities and much more rapidly, so they may get wild and naughty at any given moment.

In this regard, hookups are a real solution for youngsters. It’s much healthier and more efficient to get relief with another hot person than to be stuck in pornography or even some evil deeds.

When not relieved, the sexual energy may cause in anger and aggressiveness. The same comes to hidden sexual fantasies and deepest desires. That’s why hookups are also good for couples.

When the peak of sexual activity is behind, people may change their desires and priorities. It feels safer and more satisfying to be in committed relationships only, without much risk.

But until our heart system and pressure are in perfect condition, it makes sense to live life to the fullest and be attentive to our own urgent needs.

10 thoughts on “Are hookups healthy for young singles and couples

  1. A recent study conducted by the University of Chicago suggests that a relationship started online is more stable than a similar one that started offline.

  2. The study also found that people who met each other online were happier and less likely to divorce than those who met offline.

  3. One of the reasons for this is the fact that people who meet online are more authentic, which increases their chances of finding “the one.

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