November 28, 2022

How many hookups are too much for a single guy

Have you heard the opinion that someone is hookuping too much? In this case, guys are called womanizers and girls get much worse nicknames. But how much is too much, actually?

“Intense sex is good for a man’s health, and changing partners isn’t wrong either if safety measures are followed”, specialist Deborah Johnson says. “But there are certain restrictions too.

Let’s say one or two new partners a week are totally enough for enjoying the freshness of unexperienced adventures. More than two a week, can be already a sign of a certain insecurity.

Then, it’s ok to have sex daily for a healthy young man, but that’s only if with a stable partner. Casual affairs do not form enough physical and emotional connection to be satisfied every night.

So, hookuping twice or three times a week would be ok in terms of casual sex. It’s what most of modern guys do, and we the therapists confirm it’s a reasonable quantity for one’s well-being.

Once you establish some trust with the same casual hookup partner, let’s say friend with benefits, you can get laid more often and still remain within the normal statistics”.



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