January 28, 2022
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Top countries for having the best hookup

Best hookup destinations across the globe

There are plenty of reasons why one would prefer hookups to long-term relationships. And if you’re a frequent traveller (whether it’s on business or for holidays), you may want to know which countries can offer you the best hookup ever.

Across the globe, lots of people seem to prefer engaging in casual sex, hookups and one night stands these days. Some of them enjoy sexual encounters without any strings attached and therefore avod the burden of obligations in a long-lasting serious relationship. Others try to play the game of friends with benefits. There are also those who just experiment and try new things, which would have been impossible with a permanent partner. A good hookup is also a great healing mechanism that helps one cope with a painful breakup.

It’s a common misconception to think that only men engage in casual hookups and one night stands. This form of “relationships” without any obligations is extremely popular among both men and women. If you’re a guy, you don’t have to feel like a bastard who seduces an innocent girl and then leaves her in her misery.

There are plenty of dating and hookup sites where both males and females look for exactly the same – some great weekend fun and casual sex. Of course, a woman should be more careful in order to not to be left with a child, but in the world of today there are so many contraception methods that it’s hardly an issue.

We tend to live fast lives in this day and age, and plenty of people don’t wish to waste precious time on establishing long-term relationships. We have precooked dinners that are ready to eat after half a minute in a microwave oven.

We drink instant coffee without taking any trouble over grinding and brewing it. And the same way we want to get sex – with least possible trouble. That’s why hookups are so popular these days. Sometimes it takes less than a few minutes to arrange the best hookup date for yourself using a popular dating app.

That said, in some countries it’s easier to engage in casual sex than in others. Let’s have look at the countries with the most chances of getting laid in no time.

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Both men and women in Denmark are very direct when it comes to feelings and desires, and they won’t engage in a prolonged courtship. If a person likes you, they’ll make their attitude known. You can skip the whole flirting scene. In Denmark, you have all the chances to get laid at once. People have an open attitude to sex in this country, and there is no trace of gender inequality.

Women are as open to one night stands as men, if this is something they choose to do. So if you happen to visit Denmark, make sure to explore the hookup culture in this country – the chances are you won’t be left disappointed. Most probably you’ll cherish the memories about your Danish adventure for years to come.

The United Kingdom

If you’re looking for one night stand hotspots in Europe, the United Kingdom is not to be ignored. There is a strong pub culture in the country, especially on Friday evenings, when everyone seem to head to the nearest pubs and bars in order to celebrate the end of the week. It’s a splendid opportunity for the best hookup in your life, so make sure to take a full advantage of the situation.

As for cities with the most chances of a one night stand, go to Liverpool. For some reason the male to female ratio is skewed in this city, and women are more willing to engage in casual sex in Liverpool than in other places of the country. Don’t forget to do some sightseeing together prior to getting laid – it will make your adventure more unique and authentic.

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Generally speaking, a typical Australian has sex twice a week, and it’s not necessary with their permanent partner. Saturday is especially popular for hookups – people are more relaxed on weekends. So if you’re interested in a short fling with no strings attached, head to Australia – in a country with a great nightlife and excellent beach scene there is no chance you’ll spend a lonely evening.


This small European country is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. It has plenty of history and culture to interest an inquisitive visitor, and a great cuisine with plenty of tasty dishes. But beautiful sights, lovely wine and delicious food are only minor advantages Slovenia has to offer compared to amazing sex life and hookup culture.

People definitely like to party and have sex in this country. Explore the nightlife in Slovenia’s major cities, and you’ll have to try hard not to get laid after a few drinks and dances.

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If you want to know one thing about sex life in this Scandinavian country, well, sexual education was introduced in Swedish schools across the country more than sixty years ago. Does it say enough about people in Sweden and their hookup and one night stand culture? And if you’re a partier and nightlife fan, go straight to the capital city – Stockholm is famous for some of the best night clubs in the world.

Women are very relaxed in this country, and they often engage in casual sex with men that caught their fancy. They are also financially secure and confident, so you don’t feel bad about sleeping with them like with girls in poor countries, whose motivation is usually unclear.


Belgians are known across the globe for good food, excellent chocolate and splendid sex life. You can easily find casual sex in this country, so if you’re planning the best hookup in your life, don’t exclude Belgium from the list. This country is very progressive where sex is concerned, and people are very liberal.

Private prostitution is legal here, so you don’t even have to try hard in order to get satisfaction. If it’s not your way, nightlife and the bar scene is very promising in Belgium, too. Make sure to look your best and exude all the charm you’re capable of, and a one night stand is not something you’ll have to spend days looking for. Besides this, Belgium is a prime destination for those looking for a gay or lesbian hookup – gay marriages have been legal in this country for a decade and a half, so it’s not something people would find unusual.


Ah, Ukraine! This Eastern European country is a sort of Mecca for all the Western Europeans, Americans, Canadian and Australians looking for casual sex. Ukrainian women are exceedingly beautiful, and here you have all the chances to have the best hookup in your life.

Be warned though that a good section of Ukrainian girls are rather old-fashioned where love and romance is concerned. They love a prolonged courtship with flowers, small gifts and all the chivalries attached. But a typical Ukrainian girl is so charming and alluring that a guy usually doesn’t mind taking some trouble.

Also, if you invite a Ukrainian girl to a cafe, restaurant or club, you’re expected to pay for her. Splitting the bill is not a part of dating and hookup culture here, and you’ll get rejected instantaneously if you try to suggest that a woman should pay. If you have a casual hookup in mind when visiting Ukraine, head to some larger cities like Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. People in smaller towns and villages are more family oriented and not that much for casual sex.


Russian girls are pretty similar to Ukrainian women as they share the same cultural norms, history and even genetic pool. The hookup culture is Russian are pretty similar to the Ukrainian one, too. Most girls are marriage oriented, and if they agree to date with a guy, the chances are they’ve already considered him as their future husband. But don’t get disheartened so easily.

There are also progressive women in Russia who love to relax in nightclubs and bars, and casual sex is not a taboo for them. Go for these women when in Russia, and you’ll have the time of your life. Don’t forget to give a Russian girl a bunch of flowers in order to maximize your chances of the best hookup. Russia is known for producing an astounding number of female flower enthusiasts.

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May be you won’t find Portuguese women exceedingly impressive in terms of beauty, but they definitely exude a very special kind of charm. Finding an ample opportunity is not a problem in a country with such gorgeous beaches, lovely wine and passionate dances. People in Portugal are open towards making new friends and spending time with strangers. They easily establish a contact and charm you with their smiles and open minded attitude. It’s easy to have a one night stand on a first date.


Iceland has lots of peculiar things to offer, and its amazing hookup culture is one of them. GO to this country for the best hookup in your life – you’re likely to get it no matter what. Keep in mind that Iceland actually encouraged a hookup culture back in 1990s, so it would be foolish to ignore a liberal country like this when it comes to sex.

Can you believe it, they even had marketing campaigns focused on promoting hookups, casual sex and one night stands? There could be several explanations to this phenomenon, but who cares? Just go and enjoy yourself – this is exactly what’s actually important.


No list of countries with best casual sex opportunities can go without Thailand. It’s known for its tremendous night life and special vibes. Men from all over the world come to Thailand to forget about their problems and stresses in life with a hot Asian beauty. Girls in Thailand are extremely fond of partying, dancing and having fun.

Just make sure it’s actually a girl if it’s important for you when hooking up. Ladyboys from this country are world famous, too. One god thing about visiting Thailand is that girls don’t mind dating much older men. A large age gap is not a problem here at all, so if you’re interested in the best hookup with a younger woman, this Asian country is a perfect place for you.


According to statistics, a quarter of all Irish women have a hookup adventure or a one night stand during their summer holidays. Belfast, the Irish capital city, can be considered a European hookup capital as more than 70% of its people either engage in casual sex on a regular basis or had at least one one-night stand in the course of their life. Are you convinced yet? Than what are you waiting for? Head to the country that regularly makes an appearance in the list of best places for easy hookups.

Of course, there are plenty of other places that you can consider when planning the best hookup date. We’ve just listed a few countries that you may consider when choosing your next destination. Explore one place at a time and have lots of fun! The world if big, and everyone has all the chances to find exactly what they are looking for.


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